Bug City Express


Company comes a Killing

So, once the shipment was intercepted, the team swung by Neeko’s and escorted the convoy back to ABC Trinity. The next day was given to checking in on Zephyr’s, which had an Ares Firebrigade taking care of the infestation that killed the neighbors, before heading to Soundwave’s place.

It had been trashed; searched and takeout consumed. Patch amused herself with Joey in the guestroom. Zephyr claimed the couch, and Neeko slept in her car.

There was a bit of investigation of the Swamp.

Wouldn’t you know that the fleshform queen and the Wendigo showed up at Soundwave’s? Zephyr alerted Patch before succumbing to the will attack; she grabbed her sword but her gun ended up in enemy hands.

There was more than a little destruction during the fight. Patch kept deflecting bullets into the drywall. Zephyr spent the fight in a tree. Soundwave got his drones into the fray.

Ares was pretty excited. Danny was pleased he did get a cut on the bounty, even though it was less than he asked. Patch’s notoriety went up, what with her neighbors getting blown out of their homes. Joe D’Angelo has moved many rungs up in the Chicago mob. The cocktail set had a party on Zephyr, an opportunity to wear the dress and shoes. Soundwave’s mom wants to protect him, while he’s being stupid, so a brand new commlink and a nice suit are all his.



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