Bug City Express

Mr. Johnson, paging Mr. Johnson

Fishing for Long Pork

It sort of explains Chicago that the ghouls trawl the waters for “recoverable protein”; not sure that the Detroit mafia man was in that classification what with being past two months dead. That’s right, Mr. Johnson isn’t the real deal.

And lo, he’s trying to have Danny rent us out for a little interception deal. Of the schedule for a Detroit shipment of weapons. Danny is clear that we do get paid this time, because he doesn’t like getting played. Not to mention that these stakes are high.

Three mobs fighting over the spoils of Chicago? Nothing on bug spirits infesting at least two if not all three. That shipment? More of the Ares insecticide. Fortunately, not soy based. Patch has found some fan guys, the little stunt with the trophy head as hood ornament has gotten around.

Trolls like belchers, at least this one liked Neeko.

And remember, nothing bonds like shoe shopping. Except grilling dad about his investments. Other than Patch relaxing Joey, who’s scared for his life. Maybe the cat will save him. At least for dessert.



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