Bug City Express

Once more into the Zone

Nothing makes a fixer's day like a bidding war

Danny had another tip from Liz, again for Royal Jelly. North, inside the Zone. Between habits for spells, smart tires, and cybernetics, the team gave it a shot.

There was a mana ebb. Check.
There was a three foot across cockroach spirit, dragging a corrugated sheet of metal in its mandibles through a hole in a warehouse wall. Check. Zephyr with ultrasonics determined there were two more within.
Patch got the goo off the head of a second roach when it appeared, a mana bolt having “popped” the first one before a sample could be acquired. Neeko sensed it, and it was like a focus despite those being solids and this not so being; definitely bug spirit (or bug shaman) created. Off to Danny with the goods.
Your fixer, he plays the odds. Not all tips are good, but you have to check them out or you miss The One. Clearly, he didn’t think this was going to be the day. And yet.
Team gets the upfront and invited to stay while the bidding works out. Corporate shaman of the winning bidder comes to certify (five Shadowrunners nonchalant does add a certain… just saying.) and the payment comes through with plenty of ones and zeros in the right places.

Not bad work if you can get it. Better than shaking the neighbor relating to his devil rat fighting. Doctors consulted agree-when duraskin is contraindicated by essence deplete, you’ve got a lot of enhancement. It shows.



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