Bug City Express

Sadly Not a Hat Trick

This Bear is Armed

CAC pulled us out of the Zone when we had no helicopter and no signal. One good turn requires another; they got word about a biodrone system Ares is going to be testing in Chicago. It’s not consistent with their beliefs.
Dr. Quibbler has what she called a ‘personal dispute’ with another department, and wanted their field test to fail.
Ares, having had our services before (and not being too beholden to their Firewatch captain Slick fell afoul of) requested Danny to provide us to provide security for a field test being conducted in Chicago.
We let Danny know to tell Ares we were unavailable for the time in question. Getting paid twice for the same gig is one thing, managing to run both sides and not get caught out is more advanced. About that getting paid twice—Dr Quibbler stopped by Soundwave’s place with a data dump running for her life. Neeko and Slick’s spirit quest may have been the end of subject two- subject 3 is the one being field tested. Vat grown bears loaded up with cyber-enhancements enough for a whole runner team.
Zephyr picked up a stronger firewall for her movement by wire and Musketeer IC as well. Patch also improved her comm security. Soundwave went shopping since this run needs some hacking and his tool cupboard was bare.
Eleven days til the dance, and the venue is to be located.



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