Bug City Express

Taking Delivery

The Gang's All Here

So, the sniper wasn’t talking (he might feel different after time as a devil rat chew toy) and we did get the briefcase open. Delivery coming in tonight’s wee hours of tomorrow morning. We need some extra manpower. Give a call to CAC, their Midway outpost is on the move so they’ll throw in as a stopgap to getting to Campus.

Not as many as we’re hoping for. Time to talk to the Union again. Shooting pesticide is getting old.

Earl and Duke show up, fortunately enough as Earl provides the countersigns so our payday lands and there is little muss. Other than Midway and the tattered Union (they took losses on the way to the meet) squabbling over the military jeep. CAC is the winner, and after stopping back at Neeko’s for her stuff, Joey and the RV of non-combattents, we’re in convoy.

Metahumans versus Bugs. Chicago grudge match.



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