Bug City Express

The Plan has met the enemy

These are the neighbors that happen back to bad things.

So, Soundwave, having been in Indiana with the “market research drone” had cleared his van of the usual assortment of weaponry. The team converged on the accountant courier (you know the mob is having a labor shortage when they are risking the accountants) but not soon enough to stop his fatal ventilation by a Mosquito Bug Spirit.

Briefcase into the van, Zephyr providing the security, Soundwave headed home, while Patch and Neeko each headed to theirs. Neeko’s alarm was stating that her windows were open. Patch swung round, it’s a come back to. Likewise, Soundwave’s place has been compromised. Meet up at Patch’s to secure Joey. Danny isn’t picking up, just voicemail.

Sniper tries to take out Joey (why come out into the street? He panicked.) Zephyr and some Wind Wolves run to take him, while Soundwave spoofs his car. After a struggle, a satchel bomb and a rifle cut in half, Sniper is captured and not allowed to blow his brains out.

The team heads over to the warehouse, finds it’s been attacked, decoy survivor turns out to be a bug spirit. Patch kills him.

We’re running short on allies.



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