Bug City Express

We've got your Doctor and incoming Bug Spirits

It's the Zone. Of course there will be hazard payments

Before we left Danny’s post-bidding war, the Thamaturge that will be leading the investigation of the royal jelly talk with us, the most salient point being that more samples would be well compensated. Ares likely wants an exclusive.

Zephyr might not understand the finer points of magic, but the ability to pontificate has its uses while living by committee. Mr. MacGrevner missed the co-op meeting, so the guest pass system that he’d worked so hard for has been rolled back—just takes permission from the security guards, not ratification at the prior meeting. Daddy has been making some interesting investments, including one warehouse that got shot up awhile back. Mom is cross with her reduced ‘allowance’, despite her renumerative salary. Harold’s okay; his parents jumped ship for inducements with Ares in Detroit and have Lots of New Friends.

Patch has found a line on some upgrades she’d put spiders out for. Slick sent his pistols in for detailing along with double clipping, to switch between lethal and non-lethal ammo. He went on a spiritual journey with Neeko and purified a Bear spirit.

Soundwave continued to look for his smart tires, and reset the ATV turret to more standard configuration; jump in not quite ready.

The good doctor wanted (well, Ares wanted for her) an escort into the Zone, to a hardened research installation. Soundwave got to fly a massive helio, the group was swarmed by mosquito Bug Spirits, and learned that insecticide could be a ’Runners good friend. As can the quartermaster. Patch broke in at least one researcher and conducted guard inspections.



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