Bug City Express

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

You don't choose your friends, they choose you.

One burnt-out townhouse. One unconscious rigger. A doctor that is conscious and the mana coffin she’s very concerned about. An orc shaman and two very banged up elves. Oh, and no signal. Just another night in the Zone.

You do hear the bullet that doesn’t get you, and sometimes you get a drop on the grenade. Wasp bug spirits. Jimmy Qwan. Bear spirit, KE4. The Nitama is no more, it’s been snapped. The team should start carrying body bags, considering the bounties on some of the people we ‘meet’.

In the morning the doctor asks what’s the plan. Since we’ve got no signal we have no plans. And then… Ghouls she was opposed to, but the CAC if she has to; she went to walk astral to find a mage loitering.

Just before dusk the CAC appear, and the dickering is left until later, considering the Zone and nightfall. Patch got a knife, for those hard to open packages.



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