Bug City Express

You Knew It Couldn't Be This Easy

Gangbangers Have No Respect

The Doctor finished her consultation; one mana coffin added to manifest. Slick got a lift from his roomies prior, said the ebb was giving him a headache. Then there were true spirit wasps. Patch was most effective with the grenade launcher, Zephyr may have hit a few, and Neeko napalmed once.

There was a crash. There was safety foam, and some bangers thought lifting the coffin a wise strategy. Granted, not just anyone could still catch up with them after such a crash. Damn maggots. Seriously, out of their territory seriously.

Two try to take care of things while the other three carry the ball. One took serious leg trauma behind a light pole, while the other gained an exit wound for a head. Patch kept following Zephyr.

So, up ahead with the mana coffin. A troll decides to get involved, try to jack the coffin. The maggots (Swampthangs. Zephyr did just do a sprint after a helicopter crash.) get quashed, Zephyr puts down some ’that’s my property, thanks for stopping them’ fire, and the troll gets out the anti-tank gun.

Zephyr fires, toasting the gun and blowing the troll through a wall. Coffin pulled out of the alley’s field of fire. Then it’s a bit of a slog back to the rest of the team.

The doctor is conscious, but Soundwave is not. Time to take cover in a brownstone as there is no signal. Good thing about a burnt out shell, don’t have to clear it.



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