Cocktail Set

A group of corp brats and mafia kids with nothing to do


Group contact

Connection rating: 2 (6)
– +2 for membership (around 30)
– +2 for area (sprawl-wide)


In Chicago, as in any sprawl, the kids of upper-middle class corporate managers and high-level mobsters have nothing much to do, and lots of money to spend. Representing families from Ares, Renraku, NeoNET, and both the native Chicago mobsters and the interlopers from Milwaukee, these kids tear through the Northside, South Milwaukee, and Naperbrook, driving their tricked-out cars and drinking the most expensive liquors, and gossiping about what they overheard their parents talking about. They know enough not to let any real secrets out to the enemy, but the mostly friendly competition and one-upsmanship brings them close to that edge every weekend.

Cocktail Set

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