Long Pig Farm Ghouls

Genuine pig farmers with an Infected bent


Connection rating: 3 (7)


After all the FAB-III got turned loose in the Zone, there was a major die-off of the local ghoul population. The few survivors moved out of downtown and up to the mostly abandoned Northside, finally settling on some empty golf courses, where they began an Infected-friendly commune. Now, a ghoul is an obligate carnivore: he can only digest meat, but only a little of it each day has to be metahuman flesh. The rest can be made up with any muscle and fat, and porcine meat is the closest to human (both in taste and texture, natch). That being said, and with all these empty fields, it wasn’t long before the ghouls had a thriving business in the pig farming industry. Anyone with a corpse on their hands can trade it in for a nice side of bacon, or if he’s savvy enough a tax write-off. Not that most Chicagoans pay taxes these days.

Long Pig Farm Ghouls

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