A black ork Bear shaman from the CAS, Neeko has opinions and damn anybody who disagrees.


Metatype: Ork
Metatraits: Thermographic vision

Body 5 [7 for resisting damage]
Agility 3
Reaction 3
Strength 4
Charisma 4
Intuition 3
Logic 2
Willpower 4
Magic 5
Edge 2

Qualities: Magician, Mentor Spirit (Bear), Low Pain Tolerance, Pacifism (No wetwork)

Active skills:
Summoning 5
Binding 5
Banishing 4
Sorcery skill group 3 (+2 to cast Healing spells)
Demolitions 4
Assensing 3
Perception 1
Pistols 2
Longarms 2
Influence skill group 1
Unarmed Combat 1
Astral Combat 2

Knowledge skills:
Engineering 2
Magical Theory 2
Radical Groups 3
Spirits 2
Goblin Rock 4
English N
Spanish 2

Spells: Chaotic World (F), Heal, Mob Mood (F), Manabolt (F), Physical Mask (F)

Power Focus (Force 2)
Spellcasting Focus (Force 2, Illusion)
Sustaining Focus (Force 3, Illusion)
Spirit Binding Materials (Force 4, Force 4, Force 6)
Magical Lodge (Force 5)
Fetishes (Combat, Illusion, Manipulation)
Armor Clothing (Rating 4 nonconductivity)
Sony Emperor ’link with Renraku Ichi operating system, Basic package
Wire clippers
Foam explosives (10kg, Rating 5) and 5 detonator caps
Yamaha Pulsar (taser)
Tranq patch (Rating 5) x4

Lifestyle: (1 month paid)
Low comforts, Middle entertainment, Middle necessities, Low neighborhood, Middle security, Aspected Domain (shamanism), Household gremlins (-1), Defective CHN: 6000 nuyen/month.

Danny Grey (fixer): Loyalty 2
Pearl (grandmother): Loyalty 5
Mrs. Janine Crick (talismonger): Loyalty 2
Michael (activist): Loyalty 3



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