A poor Chicago elf, who took the heavily-cybered route to try and reach the top.


Metatype: Elf
Metatraits: Lost natural low-light vision due to implants

Body 5 [8 to resist damage]
Agility 4 (5)
Reaction 3 (5)
Strength 4 (6)
Charisma 5
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 2
Edge 2
Essence 0.165

Qualities: Guts, SINner, Addiction (narcotics, mild), Buggy Ware (Wired Reflexes 2)

Active skills:
Close Combat skill group 4
Firearms skill group 4
Heavy Weapons 2
Dodge (melee combat) 1
First Aid (combat wounds) 1
Cybertechnology 2
Hardware (maglocks) 2
Pilot ground craft (wheeled) 2
Infiltration (Urban) 3
Perception 4
Negotiation 3
Intimidation 1

Knowledge skills:
Chicago geography 5
Chicago groups 3
Firearms background 3
English N
Cantonese 2
Korean 2

Titanium bone lacing, Wired Reflexes (Rating 2), Orthoskin (Rating 3), Platelet Factories, Muscle Toner (Rating 1), Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2), Implanted commlink (alphaware) with sim module, Cybereyes (Rating 1 with flare compensation and smartlink)

Remington 990 (smart, with 25 shock-lock rounds)
Ares Alpha (sling, foregrip, airburst link, 4 spare clips, 1 spare HE grenade clip)
Sandler TMP (loaded with explosive rounds) x6
Ruger Thunderbolt (smart, with 4 spare clips and a hidden arm slide)

Hardware kit
Cyber-repair kit
Autopicker (Rating 6)
Sequencer (Rating 4)
Maglock passkey (Rating 4)
Commlink (Rating 3, implanted)
Micro-transceiver (Signal 2)
Fake SIN (Rating 3)
Urban Camouflage Suit (with Rating 3 nonconductivity)
Weapon watcher 3, Vehicle Watcher 3, Device Watcher 2

Lifestyle: Squatter comforts, Low entertainment, Low necessities, Squatter neighborhood, Low security, Concerned neighbors, Pest Magnet (-3), Worse Neighbors: 800 nuyen/month

Danny Grey (fixer): Loyalty 3
Lois Hoffman (smuggler): Loyalty 1
Doc Twelve (street doc): Loyalty 2
Joey Ears (snitch): Loyalty 6


Patch is just a standard street punk. Well, standard except for all her cyberware. Seriously, don’t mess with this “lady”, or she’ll tear you a new one. Oh, and don’t call her “lady”, either, she’s got a reputation she’s trying to establish.

Daddy stepped over to the wrong side of the tracks with a white human. This is a problem, mainly because Daddy is married, black, and an elf. Due to this mess, once Mom kicked the can, Patch was out on the street. She took odd jobs, barely getting by, until the mob hired her. With her newfound wealth, Patch invested in cyberware, as much of it as she could afford.

At some point, she had saved Joey “Ears” life, and he has never forgotten that.

Zephyr, Patch’s half-sister, also has had some dabbling in street affairs, and they have met doing some job or another. While they don’t particularly like each other, they are, at least, civil with each other. It might be slightly better than that, but it’s not really a good idea to ask either of them…


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