Old West gunslinger with an Awakened twist, Slick is out to prove his mettle.


Metatype: Human

Body 2
Agility 5
Reaction 4 (6)
Strength 2
Charisma 3
Intuition 5
Logic 2
Willpower 3
Magic 6
Edge 4

Qualities: Adept, Ambidextrous, Hawk Eye, Tough as Nails, SINner, Braggart, Uneducated

Active Skills:
Pistols 5
Perception 5
Dodge 4
Longarms 4
Palming 3 (4)
Throwing 3 (knives +2)
Blades 2 (knives +2)
Athletics skill group 2
Unarmed Combat 2
Tracking 2
Locksmith 1 (2)
Computer 1
Escape Artist 1

Knowledge Skills:
Classic Westerns 3
Knight Errant Procedures 3
Firearms Background 3 (pistols +2)
Parazoology 2
Ute N
English 3 (cityspeak +2)
Russian 3
Sioux 3

Adept Powers:
Improved Reflexes 2
Agility Boost 4
Rapid Healing 3
Empathic Healing
Quick Draw
Nimble Fingers

Tomahawk (force 2 weapon focus, bonded)
Knife & 5 throwing knives
Ares Desert Strike with 4 spare clips explosive rounds, and thermal imaging scope with 50x magnification
Defiance T-240 with short barrel, concealed holster, and 10 buckshot rounds
Colt Government 2066 with 4 spare clips and quickdraw holster
Colt Government 2066 with 4 spare clips and quickdraw holster
Gaz-Niki Wolverine
Sony Emperor with Ichi OS, rating 1 microtransceiver, AR gloves, sim module, rating 1 contacts with image link, rating 1 atmosphere sensor
Cowboy hat with trode net
Lined Coat with rating 6 insulation
Fake SIN (Rating 4)
Autopicker (Rating 2)

Lifestyle: Middle comforts, low entertainment, middle necessities, squatter neighborhood, middle security, homegrown farming, no neighbors, perfect roommate, black hole (-4), green plan, living by committee, no signal, crash pad; 5 roommates: 350 nuyen/month

Danny Grey, fixer: Loyalty 1
Michael, activist: Loyalty 2
Fox Two, anarchist: Loyalty 4
Jessica Clouds-Above, mentor: Loyalty 3

Slick, the wandering gambler, from the Ute Nation is no ordinary gambler by any means. The young 23-year-old makes his living taking advantage of the less “skilled” gamblers. The 6’4", 180 pound gambler is also pretty good at getting out of tight situations due to the slickness in which he can almost magically produce his guns, hence the nickname Slick. Dressed in an old western-style outfit people take notice of him, the eyes that linger notice the well-worn holsters tied down and well maintained twin Colts that call the holsters home. Those tell-tale signs give the message that this one is used to trouble and knows how to deal with upstarts. Some of the ladies love his devil-may-care attitude while most look upon this attitude with disdain but all agree the young man with the even white smile and clear blue eyes is a dashing young man indeed. Never one to back down, Slick hates coming in second in anything he deems important. Not ashamed to tell a tall tale to make his reputation grow, Slick has become known as somewhat of a braggart. So, trust me on this, you don’t want to mess with this man. I’ve seen plenty of hardened men laid low in three seconds flat. If you value your life, stay on this man’s good side… unless you fancy yourself a dab hand in card or gun. Then again, don’t expect to last more than a single round.


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