A dwarven rigger who builds his own drones, Soundwave has a knack for piloting matched by few.


Metatype: Dwarf
Metatraits: +2 Body to resist disease and toxins, lost natural thermographic vision due to implants

Body 3
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intuition 4
Logic 5
Willpower 4
Edge 3
Essence 4.3

Qualities: Aptitude (Pilot Aircraft), Tech School Education, Records on File, SINner, Bad Luck

Active Skills:
Pilot Aircraft 5
Aeronautics Mechanic 5
Pilot Groundcraft 4
Automotive Mechanic 4
Gunnery 4
Pistols 3
Perception 3
Dodge (Ranged Combat) 1
Electronics Skill Group 4
Armorer 2
Electronic Warfare 2
Chemistry 2
Demolitions 3
Negotiation 2

Knowledge skills:
NeoNET 5
Mechanics Background 4 (5)
Megacorp Finances 4 (5)
Drone Research 4 (5)
Combat Biking 3
Action Sims 3
English N
French 2
Spanish 2

Control Rig, Datajack, Skillwires (Rating 3 with Expert System), Cybereyes (Rating 3 with ocular drone, smartlink, thermographic vision, flare compensation)

GMC Hermes Van (delivery van with: rigger adaptation, rigger cocoon, large drone landing rack, small drone landing rack x2, spoof chip, morphing license plate)
Ares centaur (large wheeled combat drone with: AK-98, loaded with HE grenades)
Ford LEBD-1 (medium VTOL backup drone with: mechanical arm, 2 handcuffs, Ares Desert Strike sniper rifle) x2
Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (VTOL hunter-killer minidrone with: special anti-vehicular miniwelders or C-12 explosives) x2 AV, x4 explosive

Commlink, programs and widgets:
Transys Avalon (Response 5, Signal 5, Firewall 5, System 5) with hot-sim module
Analyze 5, Command 5, Encrypt 5, Scan 5, ECCM 5, Stealth 5, Biofeedback Filter 3, Track 3, Spoof 3
Clearsight 4, Defense 4, Targeting (longarms) 4, Targeting (automatics) 4, Maneuver (aircraft) 4, Maneuver (groundcraft) 4, Covert Ops 4
DocWagon Paramedic Skillsoft cluster: First Aid 3, Medicine 2, DocWagon Procedures 3
Smart Jammer (Directional, Rating 4)
Satellite Link (Signal 8)
Micro-transceiver (Signal 3)

Medkit (Rating 6)
Armor Jacket
Ruger Super Warhawk (with 20 rounds and a speed loader)
Aeronautic Mechanic shop
Automotive Mechanic shop
Armorer kit

Lifestyle: Middle comforts, Middle entertainment, High necessities, Middle neighborhood, Middle security, Feng Shui, Ambusher’s Delight, Nosy Neighbors: 6000 nuyen/month

Danny Grey (fixer): Loyalty 1
Jocelyn LaVera (mother): Loyalty 5

Come on in! I’m just finishing up my latest gizmo! Care for a test drive? No? Oh, looking for something a little… simpler, are we?

Alrighty then! Over here we’ve got your standard Battle Car drones, for the kids, you know? It’s my most popular item! Infrared hit signals, ejecting “pilot’s seat”, fully customizable… oh? You’re not here for a gift? My mistake! I greatly apologize. What can I do you for, then?

… Seems you keep your ears open for the right news. Please, come with me.

Here, is this more to your taste? Basic wheeled drones with combat programming, a few of my own custom tweaks, of course. Gotta keep ahead of the competition, after all… Geez, where do you get your information? Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those in stock right now. Those are a… specialty of mine.

Tell you what, let’s talk pricing, information, and timeline. I need to know who’s been advertising my hobbies, and you want some explosives. I’m sure we can arrange something…

Soundwave is a Dwarven Drone Rigger, though he prefers to bill himself as a tinker. He grew up in the suburbs of New York City, since Mother is a middle manager of NeoNET. Born Hale LaVera, Soundwave grew up with his father in his gizmo shop: a passion of Father’s that Mother tolerated, since she made enough money to keep us living comfortably. Thus, the spotty income of Father’s business was tolerable. Of course, Father’s passion rubbed off on young Hale, and the young dwarf was an apt pupil.

Unfortunately, Mother being a somewhat prominent figure in certain enterprises made her a few enemies in the corporate world. In an attempt to get to her, somebody decided to attack the gizmo shop. Some number of bullets, explosions, and fire later, Father was dead, the shop was gone, and Hale was fleeing for his life. This was maybe 5 months ago. With a little help from Mother, Hale set up “shop” in Southern Milwaukee. While he is still doing some tinkering (not that he could likely stop doing so), Hale adopted the tag “Soundwave” and has been doing some Shadowrunning for Danny Grey. In reality, he’s looking for information of the attack more than anything else, but he’s also doing it for the chance to use his “toys”. Or maybe he’s advertising his gizmo business. It’s probably a little of each.


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