A lightning-fast Wakyambi metavariant, she's an elf with lethal 'ware and a bitchin' sword.


Metatype: Wakyambi (elf)
Metatraits: Celerity, Reach (+1), lost natural low-light vision due to implants

Body 3
Agility 5 (7)
Reaction 6 (9)
Strength 2
Charisma 4
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 3
Edge 2
Essence 2.15

Qualities: Exceptional Attribute (Reaction), Guts, Incompetence (First Aid), Weak Immune System, Allergy (soy, mild)

Active Skills:
Longarms 5
Automatics 4
Blades 5
Unarmed Combat 4
Heavy Weapons 2
Dodge 4 (5)
Athletics skill group 3
Electronics skill group 1
Perception 1 (4 for sight/sound)
Infiltration 2
Escape Artist 2 (4)

Knowledge Skills:
Chicago gangs 5
UCAS Sports Teams 4
Physical Security Systems 3
Chicago Street Docs 3
Firearm Design 2
English N
Sperethiel 4

Move-by-wire system (Rating 1)
Reaction Enhancers (Rating 1)
Muscle Toner (Rating 2)
Cybereyes (Rating 3 with vision magnification, smartlink, low-light vision, rating 3 vision enhancement)
Cyberears (Rating 1 with rating 3 audio enhancement)
Ultrasound sensor
Elastic joints
Reakt transgenics

Defiance T-250 with internal smartlink and 25 shells
Ingram Smartgun X with 5 clips explosive rounds
Ingram Smartgun X with 5 clips explosive rounds
Nitama Optimum II with spare clip
Monofilament sword
Vashon Island Steampunk overcoat, corset, blouse, slacks
Hermes Ikon with System 4, Firewall 4, Browse 3, subvocal mic
Fake SIN (Rating 4) with fake licenses (move-by-wire, reaction enhancers, smartlink, muscle toner, T-250, Smartgun X, Smartgun X; all rating 3)

Lifestyle: Middle comforts, low entertainment, middle necessities, high neighborhood, high security, nosy neighbors, living by committee, escape tunnel: 5000 nuyen/month

Danny Grey, fixer: Loyalty 2
Cocktail Set, group: Loyalty 3
Fox Two, CAC member: Loyalty 3


Elisha’s parents are rich and she’s good looking. Ambrose Syl’√¶strasierra, her father (and Patch’s), used to be a bit of a womanizer; he’s been kept on a very short chain since the billing error that resulted in Jacinda being placed in the same room as Patch’s mom when they were both in the maternity ward. Elisha has known of Patch (the indiscretion) since she was fourteen.

Elisha is slender, tall and extremely long-limbed. The sides of her head are shaved tight, and her crown hair sectioned geometrically. Her cybernetic eyes are the same brown of her natural ones.

As Zephyr she ’runs for the challenge.


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