Bug City Express

Why did it have to be rats?
Getting to know you.

So, Danny had some ‘friends’ that were setting up an enclave in the Noose. He had supplies for them, but he’d not heard anything in a suspicious while. It is the Noose, so it could be nothing, or it could be something.

He’d ran five of us on various jobs, thought we had what it takes to make a team. So, he offers this as a shake out. We take in the goods, if everything is fine, we get the agreed payment. If it’s not fine, we can make the same amount again to find out what happened.

Well, it wasn’t fine. The enclave looked like they had some innovated thinkers; somewhere they’d gotten a crane and set it up so they could use cars stacked up to block off the street at both ends. Dead dogs, dead body, the arm of a sniper too still on the roof.

Rats. Devil rats. Picked them off, one tried biting Patch— that didn’t work so well for it, her skin’s a bit tough. Got up to the roof, yep, sniper was dead in a doorway. It was clearly an Amazonian snake that can spit acid that took out said sniper. Yup. Thanks Slick, you’re such a reliable source of information.

(insert Pizza ad here)


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