Bug City Express

Company comes a Killing

So, once the shipment was intercepted, the team swung by Neeko’s and escorted the convoy back to ABC Trinity. The next day was given to checking in on Zephyr’s, which had an Ares Firebrigade taking care of the infestation that killed the neighbors, before heading to Soundwave’s place.

It had been trashed; searched and takeout consumed. Patch amused herself with Joey in the guestroom. Zephyr claimed the couch, and Neeko slept in her car.

There was a bit of investigation of the Swamp.

Wouldn’t you know that the fleshform queen and the Wendigo showed up at Soundwave’s? Zephyr alerted Patch before succumbing to the will attack; she grabbed her sword but her gun ended up in enemy hands.

There was more than a little destruction during the fight. Patch kept deflecting bullets into the drywall. Zephyr spent the fight in a tree. Soundwave got his drones into the fray.

Ares was pretty excited. Danny was pleased he did get a cut on the bounty, even though it was less than he asked. Patch’s notoriety went up, what with her neighbors getting blown out of their homes. Joe D’Angelo has moved many rungs up in the Chicago mob. The cocktail set had a party on Zephyr, an opportunity to wear the dress and shoes. Soundwave’s mom wants to protect him, while he’s being stupid, so a brand new commlink and a nice suit are all his.

Taking Delivery
The Gang's All Here

So, the sniper wasn’t talking (he might feel different after time as a devil rat chew toy) and we did get the briefcase open. Delivery coming in tonight’s wee hours of tomorrow morning. We need some extra manpower. Give a call to CAC, their Midway outpost is on the move so they’ll throw in as a stopgap to getting to Campus.

Not as many as we’re hoping for. Time to talk to the Union again. Shooting pesticide is getting old.

Earl and Duke show up, fortunately enough as Earl provides the countersigns so our payday lands and there is little muss. Other than Midway and the tattered Union (they took losses on the way to the meet) squabbling over the military jeep. CAC is the winner, and after stopping back at Neeko’s for her stuff, Joey and the RV of non-combattents, we’re in convoy.

Metahumans versus Bugs. Chicago grudge match.

The Plan has met the enemy
These are the neighbors that happen back to bad things.

So, Soundwave, having been in Indiana with the “market research drone” had cleared his van of the usual assortment of weaponry. The team converged on the accountant courier (you know the mob is having a labor shortage when they are risking the accountants) but not soon enough to stop his fatal ventilation by a Mosquito Bug Spirit.

Briefcase into the van, Zephyr providing the security, Soundwave headed home, while Patch and Neeko each headed to theirs. Neeko’s alarm was stating that her windows were open. Patch swung round, it’s a come back to. Likewise, Soundwave’s place has been compromised. Meet up at Patch’s to secure Joey. Danny isn’t picking up, just voicemail.

Sniper tries to take out Joey (why come out into the street? He panicked.) Zephyr and some Wind Wolves run to take him, while Soundwave spoofs his car. After a struggle, a satchel bomb and a rifle cut in half, Sniper is captured and not allowed to blow his brains out.

The team heads over to the warehouse, finds it’s been attacked, decoy survivor turns out to be a bug spirit. Patch kills him.

We’re running short on allies.

Mr. Johnson, paging Mr. Johnson
Fishing for Long Pork

It sort of explains Chicago that the ghouls trawl the waters for “recoverable protein”; not sure that the Detroit mafia man was in that classification what with being past two months dead. That’s right, Mr. Johnson isn’t the real deal.

And lo, he’s trying to have Danny rent us out for a little interception deal. Of the schedule for a Detroit shipment of weapons. Danny is clear that we do get paid this time, because he doesn’t like getting played. Not to mention that these stakes are high.

Three mobs fighting over the spoils of Chicago? Nothing on bug spirits infesting at least two if not all three. That shipment? More of the Ares insecticide. Fortunately, not soy based. Patch has found some fan guys, the little stunt with the trophy head as hood ornament has gotten around.

Trolls like belchers, at least this one liked Neeko.

And remember, nothing bonds like shoe shopping. Except grilling dad about his investments. Other than Patch relaxing Joey, who’s scared for his life. Maybe the cat will save him. At least for dessert.

Time for the dance
Don't forget your shoes

Harold gets invited to all the happening parties. Sadly, Zephyr could only get herself in that way. Soundwave managed to hash the bear but everyone got bundled off before too much could happen from that side; at least Patch’s drugs didn’t get wasted in the abandoned catering.

Leaving Neeko alone for a week didn’t work so well for her, but a day with medical treatment did her wonders.

Location, Location, Location.
One Ares field test in the whole Zone

The mob was growing weed on a roof right in Union territory. Yeah, was. Information for information. Had a run in with an incubus, the vibrosword works pretty well, though Patch gave it rather more what for with her gun.

So, several places down, more to check out, seven days to go.

Sadly Not a Hat Trick
This Bear is Armed

CAC pulled us out of the Zone when we had no helicopter and no signal. One good turn requires another; they got word about a biodrone system Ares is going to be testing in Chicago. It’s not consistent with their beliefs.
Dr. Quibbler has what she called a ‘personal dispute’ with another department, and wanted their field test to fail.
Ares, having had our services before (and not being too beholden to their Firewatch captain Slick fell afoul of) requested Danny to provide us to provide security for a field test being conducted in Chicago.
We let Danny know to tell Ares we were unavailable for the time in question. Getting paid twice for the same gig is one thing, managing to run both sides and not get caught out is more advanced. About that getting paid twice—Dr Quibbler stopped by Soundwave’s place with a data dump running for her life. Neeko and Slick’s spirit quest may have been the end of subject two- subject 3 is the one being field tested. Vat grown bears loaded up with cyber-enhancements enough for a whole runner team.
Zephyr picked up a stronger firewall for her movement by wire and Musketeer IC as well. Patch also improved her comm security. Soundwave went shopping since this run needs some hacking and his tool cupboard was bare.
Eleven days til the dance, and the venue is to be located.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night
You don't choose your friends, they choose you.

One burnt-out townhouse. One unconscious rigger. A doctor that is conscious and the mana coffin she’s very concerned about. An orc shaman and two very banged up elves. Oh, and no signal. Just another night in the Zone.

You do hear the bullet that doesn’t get you, and sometimes you get a drop on the grenade. Wasp bug spirits. Jimmy Qwan. Bear spirit, KE4. The Nitama is no more, it’s been snapped. The team should start carrying body bags, considering the bounties on some of the people we ‘meet’.

In the morning the doctor asks what’s the plan. Since we’ve got no signal we have no plans. And then… Ghouls she was opposed to, but the CAC if she has to; she went to walk astral to find a mage loitering.

Just before dusk the CAC appear, and the dickering is left until later, considering the Zone and nightfall. Patch got a knife, for those hard to open packages.

You Knew It Couldn't Be This Easy
Gangbangers Have No Respect

The Doctor finished her consultation; one mana coffin added to manifest. Slick got a lift from his roomies prior, said the ebb was giving him a headache. Then there were true spirit wasps. Patch was most effective with the grenade launcher, Zephyr may have hit a few, and Neeko napalmed once.

There was a crash. There was safety foam, and some bangers thought lifting the coffin a wise strategy. Granted, not just anyone could still catch up with them after such a crash. Damn maggots. Seriously, out of their territory seriously.

Two try to take care of things while the other three carry the ball. One took serious leg trauma behind a light pole, while the other gained an exit wound for a head. Patch kept following Zephyr.

So, up ahead with the mana coffin. A troll decides to get involved, try to jack the coffin. The maggots (Swampthangs. Zephyr did just do a sprint after a helicopter crash.) get quashed, Zephyr puts down some ’that’s my property, thanks for stopping them’ fire, and the troll gets out the anti-tank gun.

Zephyr fires, toasting the gun and blowing the troll through a wall. Coffin pulled out of the alley’s field of fire. Then it’s a bit of a slog back to the rest of the team.

The doctor is conscious, but Soundwave is not. Time to take cover in a brownstone as there is no signal. Good thing about a burnt out shell, don’t have to clear it.

We've got your Doctor and incoming Bug Spirits
It's the Zone. Of course there will be hazard payments

Before we left Danny’s post-bidding war, the Thamaturge that will be leading the investigation of the royal jelly talk with us, the most salient point being that more samples would be well compensated. Ares likely wants an exclusive.

Zephyr might not understand the finer points of magic, but the ability to pontificate has its uses while living by committee. Mr. MacGrevner missed the co-op meeting, so the guest pass system that he’d worked so hard for has been rolled back—just takes permission from the security guards, not ratification at the prior meeting. Daddy has been making some interesting investments, including one warehouse that got shot up awhile back. Mom is cross with her reduced ‘allowance’, despite her renumerative salary. Harold’s okay; his parents jumped ship for inducements with Ares in Detroit and have Lots of New Friends.

Patch has found a line on some upgrades she’d put spiders out for. Slick sent his pistols in for detailing along with double clipping, to switch between lethal and non-lethal ammo. He went on a spiritual journey with Neeko and purified a Bear spirit.

Soundwave continued to look for his smart tires, and reset the ATV turret to more standard configuration; jump in not quite ready.

The good doctor wanted (well, Ares wanted for her) an escort into the Zone, to a hardened research installation. Soundwave got to fly a massive helio, the group was swarmed by mosquito Bug Spirits, and learned that insecticide could be a ’Runners good friend. As can the quartermaster. Patch broke in at least one researcher and conducted guard inspections.


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