The Horde

After their previous leader, self-proclaimed King Vlad, died in June of 2068 in a violent dispute with the True Chicagoans over highway tolls for stretches of the interstates running through Horde-controlled territory, the ork gang boss Alexeij took over command of the Horde and its primarily metahuman population. Alexeij emerged undefeated in the fights for succession and immediately moved his headquarters to the Govinda Enterprises Golf Course, between Jefferson and Lincolnwood. The area’s woods preserve proved invaluable in the following winters.

The Horde consists of several small and medium-sized gangs sworn to Alexeij. Each outfit controls its own turf and sources of income. Every month or two, there;s a big to-do where the gang bosses bring gifts to the Egrand (Or’zet: Protector), who divvies them up, ensuring that every gang has what it needs to survive. Heavily involved in the Or’zet movement, Alexeij remodeled his mob’s structure and war council hierarchy according to ork urban legends. While he handles trade negotiations with outside enclaves, his lieutenants carry out raids or run the regular bloodsport events.

The most prominent gangs under Alexeij’s direct control are the Nko-Ga (Or’zet: metal fists), the Fleshmongers, the Scorchers, and the Undying Trogs. While outnumbered by other factions, the Egrand and his gangs have access to a large pool of functioning vehicles, maintained by spare parts from trade and raiding. The Horde collects a toll from anyone traveling on the highways or through Alexeij’s turf. Primarily trading mechanical parts or surplus vehicles from the Northside collectives, any contraband or black market merchandise is sold to Alexeij’s smuggler contacts near Calumet. Alexeij maintains tight relations with outside smuggler outfits, exclusively delivering their contraband to Horde-controlled markets, while his mechanics provide maintenance work for the smugglers’ T-birds and VTOLs.

The Maker Collective is located entirely within Horde territory.

The Horde

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