Smallest of the ‘sides in the Corridor, a lot of what was Westside was gobbled up by the encroaching Naperbrook when Chicago’s government fell. The rest is squeezed in by the Chicago River to the south, the monowire-topped wall that marks the O’Hare boundary, and of course the western walls of the Zone. As cramped as it might be, Westside is critical to Chicago’s geography: it is the most direct route to avoid the former Containment Zone.

A bunch of little tollkeeper gangs dot the highway, or more often specific exits, and charge travelers. That usually lasts until they piss off the wrong people. 294 is popular with out-of-towners and is relatively safe in stretches along Northside, with regular Knight Errant patrols on contract from O’Hare to keep it that way, but once you get down into Westside it’s a bumpy ride to Gary.

Near the N-P border are entrenched apartment enclaves and fortified neighborhoods. They started out when the walls came up, with upper-middle class and lower-upper class folks beefing up security to feel safer. They were so safe they stayed when most everyone else packed up and left. When the CZ opened again, they just ramped security up another notch and started telecommuting to work.

Locations in Westside:
Humanis State


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